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Cedar Rapids Wedding Catering BBQ Iowa City Wedding Cedar Rapids Iowa
Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life. There are a lot of decisions to make about vendors. Let MeatHeads take a bite out of your to-do list by providing your guests with a mouth-watering barbecue meal. Our custom catering options will provide you with the perfect menu for your perfect day. We can’t wait to talk to you about building a menu for your special day.


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Our catering services are the perfect choice for your company’s event. Whether you’re hosting a conference, a training event, or a business luncheon our custom catering options can build the perfect menu. Contact us to discuss options for your next event to make sure that your guests are happy and well-fed.


Cedar Rapids Wedding Catering BBQ Iowa City Wedding Cedar Rapids Iowa
MeatHeads Smokehaus and Rental is equipped to cater any party, fundraiser, or event. Whether a birthday or a picnic we can provide a menu that is everything you need to keep your guests feeling full and satisfied. Our family oriented approach means that we are ready to work with you to make sure your dining experience is effortless and delicious. Contact us for menu and pricing options.


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Getting Started


Isaac and Randy met while working out at the gym in 2015. They quickly realized several common interests and soon began to host barbecues and cookouts for friends and family. In August of 2015, Isaac held a hog roast hosting 50 people one of which was Randy. During the planning stages, the two realized that the hog roast was going to be more difficult than they had planned. Renting the equipment proved to be expensive and difficult. Even though getting the equipment was a pain, the hog roast was a huge success.

Later that fall Isaac and Randy worked together to host Friendsgiving 2015. Their family and friends soon began asking the two to cook for them and for their family events. They then held a Super Bowl Party as a fundraising event for Habitat for Humanity in 2016. They have gone on to work for fundraising campaigns for Autism awareness, breast cancer research, and HAM Radio Club in Washington, Iowa.

In August of 2016, the guys were having so much fun that they decided to form MeatHeads Smokehaus and Rental. The original plan was to make and sell food for friends and family. Randy and Isaac’s love for grilling and smoking food meant that this was not enough for them. They quickly decided to make MeatHeads a side business. When asked about the decision, Isaac said, “The great thing about being a part of MeatHeads is that it does not work for us. We enjoy the process and the enjoyment that we are able to bring to others. We want to stay true to who we are and treat everyone as our family and friends, which is exactly how we started.”

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Behind the Name

Both Randy and Isaac participated in sports growing up. As they got older, their love for athletics continued to grow. They transitioned from organized team sports to individual lifting, bodybuilding and power lifting. Neither was ever exceptionally fond of being called a meathead, but they both accepted the title. When they began thinking about a name for their business, it took them less than 30 minutes to decide on a name. They named it MeatHeads because it not only held significance for their passion for barbeque, but also their love of athletics and the gym.


Isaac was born and raised in small town Iowa where family and faith came first. He developed a need to compete throughout his school career and competed in every sport possible. After graduating high school, he went to college to study Exercise Science. He worked his way through college in restaurants and developed a love for serving people. But something else sparked in him; it was a curiosity in the culinary arts. He quickly learned that he had a natural talent and understanding of food and ingredient pairing which he took with him after her graduated. He started his full-time career in personal training, first for the YMCA and then for independent gyms. He pursued his passion for helping local athletes improve their speed, strength, and overall athleticism. In addition to helping others, he used his knowledge for personal gains (get it, GAINS?!?!?) and became involved in all-natural competitive bodybuilding competitions. Isaac was forced to resign from competitive sports and bodybuilding due to injuries, but he still competes in rec and league sports, thus maintaining his meathead status.

Isaac loves his church and his family. His favorite food are sushi, MeatHeads smoked wings, and pizza. He believes that a person should be proud of their accomplishments while staying humble. He believes in giving back to the people that have helped him and to the less fortunate.

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Randy Shramek Meatheads Smokehaus BBQ Catering Services Cedar Rapids


Randy also grew up in a small farm town and was raised to appreciate hard work and the value of a dollar. He spent his summers roofing, wrestling, and camping. During the holidays, he was proud to be given the opportunity to slice the turkey for dinner. While in high school, Randy was a member of the football and wrestling teams. When he suffered a season-ending knee injury playing football, he focused his energies on business and entrepreneurship. He started a decorative concrete company which he maintains to this day. All the while, he has maintained his love of exercise, which is what lead him to powerlifting, earning him his meathead title.

Randy is proud to say that he is a goof-ball that is up for a good prank. He believes that a person should take pride in their unique characteristics, even if people find them “odd” or “different.” A point of pride for randy is making cashiers smile and laugh. Like his co-owner, he believes in giving back to the community and hopes to one day start a small farm to do so in his own unique way.